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SoftRules® Server

tandwiel About the server

Once you built and tested your business rules in the Composer, it is time to start working with SoftRules®. Just copy the your previously defined SoftRules® configuration documents to the Server and you are ready to go.

You can now start to work with an application entirely personalized to meet your company’s needs. And what if the market changes? No problem. Go back to the Composer to change your rules and test the result. Copy the new configuration to the Server you will be the first in among your competitors to act in the new market situation.


XML translation is possible with XLST

Integration with SOAP or REST services

We provide the necessary add-ons

Easy installation

Fully integrated in your platform using TCP sockets or drop folders


Supports client-side validation and all modern interfaces

Fast and fully scalable

Incredible speed; multi-threaded, processing up to 2,000 XML’s per minute


Guaranteed server stability and credibility

SoftRules® Server

Our SoftRules® server is known for its stability, credibility and speed. It is scalable and fast – multi-threaded – enabling us to process more than 2,000 XML’s per minute. We support client-side validation and support all modern user interfaces.  If necessary, we can increase speed by making another server available to you.

Server Characteristics

About the server
SoftRules® is easy to be installed. You can integrate SoftRules® simply in your platform using TCP-sockets or drop folders. If necessary, we provide an add-on enabling you to integrate SoftRules® with SOAP or REST services. Last but not least, XML-translation is possible with XLST.

Feature Light Standard Professional Enterprise
Number of server cores 1 2 8
Integrated testscript builder / executing (1) Nee Nee Nee Ja
Alias technology Nee Nee Ja Ja
Maximum # adapters (IN/OUT) per configuration 1 2
Maximum # configurations 5 10
Internal adapters Nee Nee Ja Ja
Configuration call tool Nee Nee Ja Ja
Global element tables Nee Nee Ja Ja
Transactions Nee Nee Ja Ja
Execute tool (used to connect agents) Nee Ja Ja Ja
Scripting (1) Nee Nee Nee Ja
Use custom plugins (1) Nee Nee Ja Ja
Parallel processing Nee Nee Ja Ja
Userinterfacing Nee Ja Ja Ja
Dropfolders Ja Ja Ja Ja
TCP/IP connections Nee Ja Ja Ja
High availability option (2) Nee Nee Nee Ja
Version control Nee Ja Ja Ja
Task scheduling with timers Nee Nee Ja Ja
Max # of datasets 1 1 1
Categories Nee Nee Ja Ja

(1) Feature is only available in SoftRules® composer

(2) Separate SoftRules® loadbalancer needed


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